Coach Dust Covers?

  1. Hi there. I was doing my usual monthly sweep of stores that carry D&B and roamed over to the Coach section at Macy's. I ended up buying a Large Ergo Leather Tote. It did not come with a storage bag. Are they suppose to? Did the SA forget to give me one? I usually buy Dooney's and the dust cover is right in the purse. Oh, and by the way, I love my new tote. I'm no longer a Dooney Snob! You have no idea what a pivotal moment this was for me. lol When I like something, I stick with it. I'm learning how to change. Yaaaaaay! Ok, tmi.
  2. I think it should have had the dustbag. Any time I've bought Coach from Macy's the dustbag was in the bag. I'd ask them for one. And congratulations! The ergo tote is a very nice bag!
  3. If the bag was on sale, you want to check to see that the dustbag was actually in the bag - many times these are missing from the sale items. Otherwise, they are there.
  4. I bought a Coach bag at Macy's once and it didn't have a dust cover.

    Maybe they run out? I am really not sure what the reason was. This was a long time ago, I think it may have been my first bag actually. If it were now, I probably would have complained :p
  5. I bought my bag from the Coach store and it did not have a dust cover. Was it suppose to? Now I feel left out:sad:
  6. Some smaller bags don't come with dust covers, but the ergo tote should have. You can always try calling the Coach 800# and asking them to send you a replacement dust bag. I bought a Carly at the Coach outlet that didn't come with the cover and they sent me a replacement, no questions asked. I would maybe leave out the part about getting it a dept store. They just asked me for the style number so they would send the right size. Good luck...and congrats on your fabulous transition!
  7. yea, you should have definitly gotten a dust bag w/ that!
  8. i need a dustcover for one of mine too...i think i lost it and i've been wrapping it in tissues for storage. Do you guys think if i walked into a coach store (lol i live around the corner from one) i could ask for a replacement? btw, i didnt buy that coach from there though
  9. Yeah, that happens sometimes. When the bags are on sale, they're missing the dust bag. Just make sure to check next time.
  10. yes it should of come with one...go back and ask for one...
  11. Thank you so much for all of the responses! I'm going to go back or call coach. I'm so glad I made this post.
  12. You can always get a dust bag at the Coach store.
  13. I tried that before calling the Coach 800# and they told me they don't have ever any extra dustbags. I would maybe just call your local store and ask first...maybe you'll get lucky! Otherwise Coach 800# should be able to hook you up!
  14. It's so annoying when you don't get a dustbag with your purchase.
  15. fyi... I almost forgot to let you know, I went back to the store and they gave me one - no questions asked. :smile: