Coach dust bags


Aug 18, 2009
I've recently begun buying coach bags. On impulse, two weeks ago I picked up a Tribeca tote in Berry and fell in love with it. Today I went back to the Coach store and bought a Madison Sabrina in silver/ light gray.

After I bought my first bag, I decided to do a little resarch online. Of course I came across all the fake stores hawking Coach bags. Knowing the price was too good to be true, I did some digging and found a bunch of "How to spot a fake Coach bag" articles.

One of the things that stood out the most to me was the "Coach dust bags are always brown with red lettering and a red drawstring". Neither applies in my case, both dust bags that came with my purchases are white, with brown lettering and strings.

I know these bags are authentic, I bought them at the Coach store in the Rideau centre here in Ottawa. I guess my main concern is if there are authentic bags out there that I'm writing off as fake due to the dust bags.

What kind of dust bag do you normally see on your Coach purchases?


Aug 7, 2009
Sacramento, CA
I have:
- white "muslin-type" material with red lettering/red string (outlet accessories)
- satiny brown fabric with white writing/white string
- satiny white with brown lettering/brown string
- flannel or velour type brown with white lettering/red string (this last one is from memory from a small shoulder hobo bought in '04 - but I can't find that dustbag.)


Aug 18, 2009
Good to know I'm not the only one. My latest purchase is the same as described above, white sateen with brown lettering in the corner. My previous purchase was a stiffer white fabric, I can't recall if it was brown or white. I'll check when I get home! It felt cheap though... I wonder if they're cutting costs in that area.


Mar 1, 2008
Those guides aren't always very accurate. If you really want to know if something is authentic, pop the info into the Authenticate This thread and you'll get plenty of advice :smile:

Also... I have some brown/red and white/brown dustbags.
My oldest dustbag is brown cotton with a red drawstring, red stitching on the *outside* seams, and a small Coach logo in off-white letters. It measures about 16 x 13 inches.

I got 3 dustbags today from a local FP Coach store (long story involving bag grinchiness from an outlet, lol!) and all 3 were different! The SA asked what sizes I needed, and I told her what I had (small bags) but apparently they only had one size since they're all the same - a huge 20 x 23 inches! I could fit all my Coach bags and both dogs in one dustbag!:lol:

No two are the same though; one is brown satin with the plain logo like my cotton one, one is brown satin with the horse & carriage logo and the white satin one has the horse & carriage logo. Both brown satin have beige drawstrings and the white one has a dark brown drawstring.


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Apr 27, 2009
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I have brown with read letter (cotton & satin) white with brown letters (satin) the dust bags vary and the small bags tend to not have dustbags even if you buy them at the FP Store. Even though they will supply you with one...