Coach Duffles?

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  1. Do any one you have a coach duffle? How do you wear it? Im thinking about getting one, but Im not sure yet! Post any pics of you and your duffles! thanks ladies!!:tup::heart:
  2. I have a white and gold duffle from last May and I love it. I use it for everyday and it can fit a good amount of stuff. The one thing that could potentially be a drawback is that it's fairly unstructured, so things tend to fall to the bottom of the bag. However, that doesn't deter me from using mine.

    I don't have pics right now of mine (and my daughter her a playdate, so I don't want to be accosted by 5 year olds while trying to take pics of my bags! LOL), but I'm sure if you search through people's collections, you'll find plenty!
  3. I have the Holiday Patchwork Duffle from last year.
    I use it around the Holidays in the winter and wear it on my shoulder.
    It's a great bag!
    I can fit all of my daily necessities in it.
    I got the hat to match as well!
  4. I had this one, but I didn't like how it fit on me.
    I wanted something that fit lower, I ended up returning it. I'm 5' 6".

  5. I Looooooooove my duffle [​IMG]I took this pic from ebay, as I don't have a pic of mine but I love this thing it is the perfect size and it stands up and also you can adjust and double the strap to make it more of a handbag. They don't sell these anymore at the retail store but maybe you can find one in an outlet or on ebay like this one. They also come in different colors and have the regular inside zip pocket and cell phone and other pocket too ! The bottom is leather and it has a nice shape to it. Good luck !
  6. I have the black sig medium duffle, 10403, and I love it. Great for hands-free as well as shoulder, although I've never worn it on my shoulder. Too much of a hastle to adjust the strap --- time is precious around here :smile:
  7. I have a large duffle 6083 I purchased off ebay. It looks like the one above. I like it when I have to carry paperwork or files to and from the office. It is so big and roomy. I can throw anything in there!!


  8. How do you search through peoples collections? I clicked on the search link but I dont think I did it right! Sorry im new!! :rolleyes:
  9. Hi there! I have the black sig duffle (larger size) and really, really like it. I tend to wear it more over the shoulder than cross body as it rubs on my neck. I use my older style leather bag for cross body. Anyway, here are some pics, I'm 5'2" :smile:

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  10. i have the brown leather duffle. love it ! usually i bring it along for travel so i could sling it across my body. but would love to get a bigger duffle as I love big bags :yes:
  11. Kidlearner,
    Your son is SO cute in that pic!:yes:
  12. ^^^ Ha! Ha! Thanks... He would NOT move!
  13. I bought one of the shorter strap duffles in black leather from the outlet for a friend recently. I was worried the strap was too short for her but she was so excited about the purse. She said she finally could put her purse over her shoulder using one hand. I had to tell her that is part of the one arm test.
    I wish I could remember the number of the duffle but she says its pretty roomy. It fits all the things she needs in it.
  14. I just bought a hot pink one off ebay! I cant wait till it gets here! Ill post pics when it comes! Thanks everyone!:wlae:
  15. I bought an older one and use it with the straps in shortened length and I love it. It's such a comfy purse and very stylish too. It's not too big or too small. It's got just the perfect amount of room. I find that if I use a huge purse I tend to overfill it with things I don't need and the demis are barelyenough.