Coach Duffle (luggage)

  1. Did Coach ever make a signature duffle luggage bag? They have one listed in the men's section of their website, but it looks more like a gym bag than a travel bag. (I'm looking for something comprable to the LV Keepalls).

    My friend had something similar to what I'm describing, but I'm starting to wonder if it was fake...although that's pretty ballsy to fake a huge duffle bag...
  2. I really am not sure if they made it or not, but I have seen fake duffle bags before. They were pretty obvious too!
  3. Yes they did. It's called a signature cabin bag. I purchased one at an outlet last year.
  4. ^^took the words right out of my mouth...:yes:

    i've seen a khaki one and a black sig one as well. they are frequently in stock...also check eBay...i've seen a few on there from reputable sellers.
  5. ^5. Great know how it goes. ;)
  6. Thanks you guys! Was the monogram mini or "normal" sized?
  7. mini least at the 2 here in OH.
  8. Im driving past the outlet mall tomorrow, I might just stop by and check what they have...fingers crossed! Anyone come across the "normal" sig size? I'm not the biggest fan of the minis
  9. black sig?? That's the one I want! I sold the khaki one I had to someone who would appreciate it a lot more than I did. I have a black mini signature weekender and would LOVE to have a matching cabin bag. We didn't get the black sig ones at my outlet, just the solid black.
  10. it's been a while though, stophle, since i've seen the black sig...

    i have a black leather cabin bag and would personally recommend leather, but that's just because i'm a leather addict.
  11. I own the black leather cabin bag and I love it. I was just saying to my DH how come I can get this big leather bag for 598 but the new purses will cost me over 700. I think my cabin bag has so much more leather. I love mine and it's a great addition whether it's leather or sign.