Coach duffle cognac

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  1. If anyone is in the market for a coach legacy duffle, they are on sale at Zappos for $208! I just picked one up. I had bought one previously for full price with tax but ended up returning it because I already had 3 other colors. But at this price with no sales tax I could not resist. I am excited it will be mine now :smile:. I don't think they will last long.

    This is my favorite style of coach EVER! I am not a fan of skinny straps that seem to be the lastest styles that are coming out. So it looks like my duffles will be my daily wear for a long time :smile:

    And as a side note, I am thrilled that I just picked up the east/west duffle in cognac leather for $166ish last week on the coach factory website.
  2. I saw that too! A couple weeks ago they were $245...enjoy!
  3. A bit more, $243, on Von Maur's website right now, FYI.
  4. Did you receive your Legacy Duffle in Cognac from Zappos? Love it? I broke down and ordered one and it is supposed to arrive today. Hopefully in good shape - other bags I have ordered from Zappos have been in pristine condition - all wrapped up!
  5. the duffle I ordered arrived today...perfectly wrapped to the nines! This is the third handbag I have ordered from them and they have ALL been like that. I wish I had as much confidence in ordering online with Coach and other retailers.

    Plus it is awesome with no sales tax and no shipping either way!
  6. That's good to hear! I heard nothing but praises about Zappos. It's annoying we can't say the same about FOS-- it's a gamble with every order!
  7. Yep - would definitely recommend! I know 40% isn't as good as 45, 50, + but getting a perfect bag is worth something :smile:
  8. Looks like they are finally "retiring" the last two duffle colors, Black and Cognac...these are the two colors that resisted sale prices the longest. Macy's has both colors on sale now as well. Will be sad to see the last of the duffles go for good.

  9. I don't see them on the Macy's website...?

  10. Not sure about the website. The ones my Macy's had in stock were on clearance.
  11. Ah, thanks!:smile:
  12. You can go to a store and have them give you a list of the stores that have them. Then you can call and order. I think they would be about $160 with current discounts. Otherwise I think Zappos may have a handful for $ tax and no shipping.

  13. Thanks so much for the info!!:flowers:
  14. Getting the list etc was painful when I did it. But if you can get a great price its worth it!