Coach Duffle #10398

  1. Does anyone have this bag? I saw it on a lady today at the post office and it sure looked nice. After I researched and found it, it seems to be from several seasons ago, at least. However, it DOES have the dogleash attachment on one end of the strap. Any opinions on this bag? Thanks!
  2. we need more details, which bag is this?
  3. A pic would be helpful. I can't picture this one. I did try on a newer duffle at the boutique and I found them lightweight and stylish.
  4. Small duffle, long strap that can be doubled on itself. Can fit on shoulder or across boday. Zipper on one side (outside) Comes in black, brown, white. Dogleash clip on one end of strap. White or neutral stitching detail.
  5. This is the pic from the DD:
    Looks really pretty...pebbled leather? NICE!
  6. I think that's it - the lady had a really rich brown, which looked great.
  7. i have it and i adore it!! well mine has laces in the front, but its so easy to take care of! it scratches but they blend in and look great!! you can wear it as a cross body or a shoulder bag!
  8. This is it-10398 in tobacco.
    I LOVE this bag. It's a great everyday casual bag.
    The leather is TDF. This bag seems to be getting better the more I use it.

  9. thats the one i have!! only mine has laces in the front...

    by the way macys has a ton of them for 60% off in black only though
  10. my mom has the medium size bag and she loves it
  11. That is a great looking bag!
  12. I think that I saw that bag at the outlet recently.
  13. I bought this bag for my mother for mothers day (Marshalls, $129) and she LOVES it.
  14. I don't have it, but it sure is lovely!
  15. I have the medium duffle in chocolate signature and it is my favorite "go to" bag. I know the last couple of times I have been at the oultet I saw them in the brown leather, and last time I saw some black sig I believe.. it is a great bag!!