Coach dress!

  1. Would anyone wear this?
  2. I think it's just a skirt... She's nekkid up top! Hehe.

    But no, if it was a dress I wouldn't wear it unless I was 5' 11" and stick thin... those C's are not flattering at all.
  3. um no.
  4. they had a dress like that at a store in NY on one of the dummies... it was awesome it was like a mod shape! I would wear it!!
  5. No, but I like the bag!
  6. Mmmmmmm....nope. Well, maybe if Coach paid me to be a walking billboard:nuts:.
  7. No. But I would wear a black dress the model had in the spring catalog. Let me see if I can find a picture of it.

    Maya you crack me up.
    Me and my niece say that word too. Funny.
  8. I'd wear it - I think it's beautiful!
  9. no i don't think i would screams i am a brand wh*re just a bit LOL
  10. I wouldn't.
  11. Nope :x
  12. i think it'd be overkill and just look like you're showing off that you can afford brand-names. The shape of it is nice and it might look good if it was in a solid color and actually had a top to it!
  13. Nuh uh! The pattern is great for purses but not for big billowy's making my head :wacko:....
  14. I wouldn't either.
  15. I like it for the ad, but no. It seems tacky if it were for anything other than modeling purposes.