Coach Doesn't Like Lefties!

  1. I just recently bought a clutch and noticed, it's not for left-handed people at all. :crybaby: I feel really awkward using it since I can't even hold a pencil in my right hand, let alone anything else. Anyone else experience this frustration?
  2. i am a righty with partial ambedextrity so i never usually have a problem...have you considered just practing with it. maybe after some practice you will be more comfortable using it.
  3. I'm a leftie, but I always hold stuff in my right hand, so I guess I'm good!!
  4. I'm a lefty but I'm not understanding what you mean (sorry, I'm not good at mentally picturing a problem). Does the clutch have a strap? I guess all the ones I have do so I've not noticed a problem.
  5. Yeah, the clutch has a strap that is only comfortably worn on the right hand. When I try to wear it on the left, the front is not visible and it's an awkward feeling.
  6. My Mom is exactly the same way, so she feels your pain.
  7. Yikes, I never thought of that!
  8. That's so interesting that you bring that up. I'm a leftie, but am very comfortable doing a lot of things with my right hand. However, I find that the world as a whole isn't very leftie friendly. In highschool and college i hated how all of the desks are for right handed people and it was next to impossible to find a left handed desk, and I hate how it's almost impossible to write in a three ring binder because the blasted rings are digging into your hand, not to mention, whenever i write, my hand smudges through everything i've written. I guess when it comes to handbags, i've learned to adapt. The funny thing is that even though left handed people are a minority, they aren't a minority by all that much when you think about it. Perhaps the world's inability to make things easier for us lefties is still influenced by the old superstition that being lefthanded was a sign of witchcraft. Even in French, the word "gauche" also means "awkward, Tactless, lacking social polish". That's not a very friendly association. Hmm, well maybe if the world made things a little more leftie friendly, we'd feel a little less awkward and "gauche".
  9. You know, I never thought of the ink-smudging thing. Because with righties you go away from the ink, and with lefties, you go with the ink. I hate whole desk thing too. But my campus has updated to having long tables, so it's the same on each side. And I know what you mean about the binder thing, even those blasted wire notebooks. Ok, i'm sooooo off topic. :p
  10. It is so funny! I found a site just for lefties stuff and love it. When I was in HS, my boyfriend bought me a notebook with spirals, made for lefties. I was never able to find it again. What I am concern about is the news that Yahoo posted today about lefty women dying younger. I really do not pay attention to that kind of scientific conclussions, it just means buy more purses, faster!!

  11. OMG I hate that!!!!!!
  12. I myself never realized how it was for lefties until my first ds turned out to be a leftie! We homeschooled him his whole life so I would do what I could to make things easier but at the same time I knew he had to learn to function in a right handed world! I buy him notebooks that have the spiral at the top because he has the same issue or legal notepads so he's not digging his hand into the spiral rings. He fortunately does not smudge his hand while he writes, he doesn't 'break' his wrist at all like some lefties will do. I never thought about it affecting handbags though!
  13. I don't "break" my hand either. It's funny how people think I should write "weird". And I actually have very good cursive signature. Only thing is, I write up the page instead of across (have to turn the paper). :p
  14. yeah for lefties! I like being a lefty but i hate when things are made for righties. I usually don't have a problem with bags because I tend to hold them on my right arm/shoulder anyway. definitely hate smudgy writing though!
  15. Well I think the Legacy French Wallet's are for lefties!
    I would normally hold the wallet with coin pocket upright (to insert coins and they won't fall out) for a righty to slid paper/money into the wallet the coin pocket is upside down! A lefty could hold it with the coin pocket upright . . .