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  1. I got an email notification of about Coach being available on

    Not a great selection, but decent. Have fun looking!:flowers:
  2. aarrgghh...yet another site that won't ship to Canada...oh well, it's good for my wallet anywayws...
  3. Thanks for the update!
  4. Thanks! I see some items on here that are no longer on too.
  5. I had to run to Dillard's for some Lancome before my last business trip. I went to a Dillard's I normally don't visit. I was so suprised by the amount of Coach they had. Purses, Wristlets, Wallets, Sunnies, Shoes, and lot's more. I haven't seen that much Coach in a department store before now. (Dillard's NE Mall, Hurst TX).
  6. I love my Dillards...there is the sweetest SA there at the Coach counter. She is a little "older" lady and is always so nice. If you go to Fayette Mall in Lexington, KY, stop by and say hi to her!

  7. This is the Dillards that I go to all the time. My second favorite for Coach in the Metroplex is the Dillards at Northpark because they do Coach pilot/test bags so it lets me so what is coming out next.
  8. farmerswife> I go to NE mall,too ! Rack doesn't have good selection but I usually shop there also. ( Rack in Plano is much better, imo) :tup:
  9. Thanks for the information. Good to know. I love North Park ! Love Juicy store in NP also. :heart: