Coach Dilemma!

  1. Heres the thing.. last Friday my cousin gave me a coach coupon of 25% off everything at the retail store. There's nothing particularly i want to buy at coach yet... but somehow i don't want to waste it. Should i just keep my money or spend it on something small, perhaps a wallet or so? And i think i do need a wallet... then again I really don't know what i want to do, please help and give advice ;)
  2. give it to me! hahaha...:biggrin: just kidding . i think u should go and spend on something u really need.
  3. you should use it. you might regret not getting something when you have the discount. you can always return it if your not happy but you can't just get the discount whenever you want.
  4. i'd say get something that you're teetering on,
    you can return it later if you decide you don't like it.
    i love the keyfobs out right now. :love:
  5. You could always buy something to get the discount and if you don't love it then just hold on to it for awhile and when something you DO love comes out then you can return the other thing!! :yes:
  6. I was in your shoes also....a coupon with nothing I really wanted. I *somehow* ended up with a black/gunmetal tote, zip around accordian wallet to match, skull keyfob, penguign keyfob and the Taryn sunglasses. I guess I ended up making good use of the coupon:yes:

    Buy something!!
  7. I agree 25 percent is a lot so if you want something now is the time to buy, however if you think you will get another one in the spring and there is something you like then, then you could wait !
  8. Well this is something I run into.. a lot. I get the pce coupons and I have to buy something :rolleyes: the problem is they come out about every 3 months and really if you don't really want anything, you are still spending money you don't have to. So I would say hold off, or you can buy a bag or something and keep the tags on and then if the new line has something you want you can trade it, otherwise you can return it. Good luck!
  9. I have made the mistake of buying something just because it was a good deal but regretted it later because its not something I actually wanted. Sometimes its better to just save up for something you really want IMO.