Coach dilemma! Not really into this purse...

  1. well my parents were very generous and knew how much i love coach so they went ahead and bought me a new coach bag and wristlet for my graduation present! I was so glad they thought of my and my interests, but i really dont like the stlye bag they got me and i know ill never wear it...what should i do? i dont want to make them feel bad..but at the same time id really rather trade it for a coach purse i LOVE kwim?
    btw does anyone know name of the purse so i can find more info on it?(retail etc.)THANKS!!
  2. It's a Soho satchel, I can tell you that much. I don't know if it has a specific name or not. If it did, I think it would say on the inside of the tag.

    As for what to do with the bag...that's a tough one. I can understand your dilemma. Are they the kind of people whose feelings would be hurt if you exchanged it? Can you just ask them if they'd mind if you did? Tell them thank you so much for it, and that you love that they thought of you, but that because (insert whatever reason the bag isn't for you, here) you wonder if they'd mind if you exchanged it? Maybe you could ask them to go with you to pick out it's replacement so you could get their opinion and they'd feel better about it.
  3. I think this was the Mia Satchel in the Soho collection(?).

    This is an uncomfortable situation. But if you aren't going to wear it you should exchange it for another style. Thank your parents again, and explain that you'd rather have another style because (...). And I agree with the previous comments by Stophle, that you should ask them to help you select another. Take this opportunity to update them on your taste. Just incase you're lucky enough to receive another hangbag gift!

    Remember, that if they don't see you using this bag, they might think that you don't like it anyway, so just tell them as politely as you can!
  4. Return it for something you love. Dont you think your parents would be happier knowing you have something you love?
  5. I agree. Maybe if would go over better with them if you mentioned that you would like to exchange it for something that would be more user friendly for college or for your first job (such as a tote or Carly)?

    Good luck....
  6. thanks so much for your wonderful advice and taking the time to give me the style name. this forum is so helpful and everyone is so friendly. i will tell my parents how i feel and then i will ask them to come with me for a new purse! they bought it while they were out of town so i cant return it but how much do you guys think i should sell it for on eBay? i also got a leather wristlet that ill sell along with it [​IMG]
  7. OMGGGG i would die for the carly, but i think it would be way more expensive than what i could sell this one for
  8. I agree with Kans - tell them you want a bag more functional like a tote so that you can carry books for college / documents for work. I don't think they'll be as upset by your honesty as they would be if you did not use their gift KWIM?

    If they were out of town when they purchased it (at an outlet maybe?) I would see if there's an outlet nearby so that you can exchange it. Even if it's about 1-2 hours away, try to make an "event" out of it by exchanging the bag, going to lunch, etc. check for the nearest factory store.
  9. wait you can exchange items at outlets other than the ones you purchased them from?

  10. Yep you sure can. Does your parents still have the receipt?
  11. ya they do, then ill do that thanks ranskimmie!!!!
  12. Glad you're going to exchange!! I am sure your parents would understand and want you to have some things you'll really love and use!
  13. I have this style of bag. It's signature with snake trim. I love it. It's my favorite bag. So many's great for organization!

    Hope you find the bag you love since it sounds like this one isn't it. Good luck!!
  14. Like the others said, you absolutely can return an outlet purchase, to any outlet, and a boutique purchase, to any boutique. And if you have the receipt, and the tags are still attached, you can even return outlet purchases to boutiques for a store credit! (You can't get a refund though, in that situation.)