Coach Dilemma Help!


scabbarded saber
Oct 15, 2006
This is my first post here. ;) I recently got myself a Coach signature beaded tote. I was drawn to the uniqueness of the color and pattern. I was really thinking of getting another design but the sales associate said that that particular purse was the ONLY one available nationwide and that it had sold out. She said the only reason they had it was because it was returned by the lady saying that it was a gift and the recipient didn't like it. Even prior to buying it, I saw little nicks in the beads and they said they can have it repaired but assured me that people will not look at those but eyes will be drawn to the pattern and design. Please help me decide if I should return it for a refund. It IS a nice color but I really want an LV (my 2nd one if ever). I can just save the money to buy an LV or I can probably stick to this Coach purse because it IS a beauty, really. I am just concerned about the damaged beading (and I think returning it to Coach for repairs is just too tedious). What do you think ladies? I need help! :sad:

Pics of the bag and the defective beads:



i would personally return it. i am far too anal about things like that. and it seems like you're not entirely happy with it, either. and if you're not happy now, you never will be.

i say return it and get what you want. no reason to get a damaged bag just because it's the last one. you wouldn't have purchased this one had there been more- so don't think you have to settle for this one.
Coach repairs are wonderful - just take it to the shop and they'll send it in for you. I'm terribly surprised they didn't offer to do that right away. It should come back with the beading perfect.
But if you don't want to do that, the return the purse. But I've gone through Coach repairs several times, with older bags, and they've come back as good as new. And one bag that they decided they couldn't repair to their satisfaction they gave me 40% off towards another bag.

Go with your feelings.
I actually agree with what both kallison and queenmab have said. I do think that particular tote is GORGEOUS and personally, I didn't notice anything wrong with the beading until I closely looked at the pics of the damage.

Go with your gut - if you love the bag, but the beading issues are bothering you and that's the only problem you have with it, send it in for repairs (and let the shop send it in for you so you don't have to pay the shipping fee). As queenmab mentioned, Coach repairs are great - I had a shearling tote where the fur had rubbed off in some spots and I sent it in to Coach. They couldn't repair it or replace it, so they sent me a credit for the full retail value of the bag, plus tax!

However, if you really have your heart set on a different bag, then this one, repaired or not, will probably never do "it" for you.
It sounds like you like the Coach but really have your heart set on a LV, so I would go with the LV. If you decide to keep the coach I would definitely send it in for repairs.
They should have offered to send it out for repairs when you first purchased it.. and I would have asked for them to cover the shipping ($20 is not a lot but STILL). Sending things to Coach for repair is not really time-consuming... I've had to take in two bags... I just ask to speak with a manager, show them the bag and they send it off for me... All I gotta do is pay the $20 and sign a form.

IF your heart was set on this bag (it is GORGEOUS btw but I didn't get it cause I was afraid of the beads falling off/breaking), keep it and have it sent out. If you really wanted to add an LV to your collection, return it and buy the LV. You deserve to have what your heart really wants. I personally would be too concerned about the beads so I probably wouldn't use this bag too often... I'm sure there are other members that own this bag and have had no problems.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!
I would return it. I know it is hard to let go of a beauty like that, but the damage is too much for the money you paid. With the money, you can get your LV or any other bags you wanted :smile:
Thanks ladies. I am pretty sure you sensed that I am really bothered by the beads. I am returning it today (I am too scared of the beads as well, I feel they are too flimsy and might fall off). I am gonna have to pass on LV for now. I am looking at either signature gallery tote or a novelty patchwork gallery tote. Too bad the Coach store will lose their commission because I plan to get a refund and buy the purse at Macy's instead where I have a $50 gift card. Thanks ladies!
but they're not on commission...they have to do a certain number of sales per month, as i understand it. and it certainly shouldn't be hard during the holidays...

either way, that's unacceptable for them to do that, imo.
i say return it, the flaw on the bag looks unacceptable, it is an eye sore to me. the bag is not on sale, right? if you are gonna pay full retail price for the bag, you should be getting a flawless bag.
There is no guarantee that the beads won't continue to do this. If you can live with that then keep it. I would rather love my bag than have to keep sending it in for repair. Yes, my beads would have to be perfect and that would drive me crazy!