Coach Dilemma!!! Heeeelllp!!!

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  1. hi all!
    so, i bought the carly (small size) in black...i love the shape and quality of the bag, but i wanted something a little more "funky", i'm exchanging it for the camel colored one with contrasting leather color...i'm 49 and a teacher and mom and want a substantial bag that looks great...i've been VERY turned off by poor quality that i've been seeing lately in rafe (rivets flying off), ferragamo (zipper breaking after ONE week) and a KOOBA (handle broke after 2 weeks)...i've used balenciaga and marc jacobs as well and somehow i feel like i'm taking a "step down" by getting this bag (i know, it sounds like i'm a bag snob...but i'm looking for help!!!) any suggestions? do i get the camel w/ contrasting color in the large? or stay with the camel in the small? decisions, decisions...
  2. If you feel like you're taking a step down, don't get it. You'd be wasting your money by getting something you don't love.
    And your post didn't have anything to do with the size of the bag... just the quality of other companies. I don't know what size you would need. If the small is big enough, keep it. If not, go up a size.
  3. i just re-read what i wrote and want to apologize if i came off like a "bag snob"...right now i'm just trying to find a great quality bag that looks awesome as well and the carly in camel really looks like that kind of a bag for me...i'm wondering if the smaller bag looks "younger" and the larger one makes more of a statement...would love some thoughts...sorry if i sounded offensive before...
    : )
  4. Get the bigger one - I don't think the small one will be big enough to fit your needs.
  5. Get the bigger one. The larger one should hold all of your stuff. I have seen the Carly leather bag in person and it is beautiful. By the way, I don't think
    you are stepping down. Although some of those other designer bags might be more expensive then a Coach Bag, the Coach bag is so much better quality. If anything falls apart on it they will repair the handbag free of charge. You just pay the shipping to and from the Factory. If the bag cannot be fixed in most cases you would get a new bag. A more expensive product is not necessarily a better product. Try :idea: out a Coach Bag and I am sure you will be back for another. Good Luck!
  6. liz,
    thank you SO much! i agree with you re: how well made coach bags are...i have a denim patchwork tote that i love and get a bazillion compliments on...thanks for the advice!!!!
  7. i think the large size carly bags are really too big...and i'm not necessarily one that likes smaller bags.......i did see a couple at the outlet here in calif today.they were the large size and was surprised at how huge they were.
  8. Just remember camel suede is a dirt magnet. I would think about finding out about putting appleguard on it.
  9. IMO i would get the camel color and in the larger size so you can put all your stuff in it