Coach design pet peeves

  1. I searched to see if this had been covered: if so, forgive me!!

    2 pet peeves as of this moment:

    -When the hook on the purse charm is too small to attach on the thicker metal ring, so you have to hang it from the coach tag, which often makes it hang too low!

    -Those zippered purses that don't go from end to end, just start a couple of inches from each side, so when you unzip it, you have to re-attach it to the zipper, just like when you zip up a coat! What a pain....:tdown:
  2. a lot of the puches would b really cute w a slightly longer strap, to go on the shoulder

    my soho flap (large) is a bit of an odd shape and i practically have to pack it like a case each time i take something out. also it doesnt stand on its own, i have to sort of prop it up on a chair or something
  3. I agree about the slightly longer strap on the pouches...I love 'em, but drop length isn't practical!
  4. The fact that several of their bags (like carly!) are either to small or too big, there is no inbetween!!!
  5. that stupid half zipper that they put on top of a lot of their bags. i find it unbelieveably useless and annoying.
  6. AMEN, sister!:push:
  7. They need to make a strap that can make a bag a satchel or a shoulder bag.
  8. The too-short shoulder straps irk me to no end. How hard would it be to have a strap be able to be a couple inches longer by being longer and having a few extra holes? That way, short strap and a little longer strap people could BOTH be happy!

    I also find it incredibly annoying that the charms often don't fit over the hardware. That just seems to be a duh moment for Coach. What good are the charms if they cannot fit on the bags?
  9. I agree 100%! I would love the option of purchasing an almost large Carly b/c I find the lg. a little too big and the med. a little too small.:okay:
  10. I personally don't like the cotton linings. I paid $500 for a vintage leather bag and as gorgeous as it is from the outside, the inside is so bland. Couldn't they have put a satiny lining? Even the old signature linings are nice but I haven't seen those in a while.
  11. this is my biggest HISSY FIT with Coach of all time (and I love Coach, don't get me wrong!) :hysteric:Coach has lost a LOT of potential business with me as a result of that partial zipper goofiness.

  12. agree
  13. For the bags that have the buckle straps , like the 2 below , the part that goes through the buckle is way to short , so you are jsut randomly walking and the strap slips out of the buckle and practically falls off your arm! I have the strap adjusted to the shortest length so this should not be an issue , but OMG is it annoying !

  14. I hate this too. My scribble tote has this same exact zipper, so I dont even zip the bag. I think they should have made it a full zipper
  15. I totally agree with everything listed above. They should really make pouches have larger handles and should make those half zippers disapear! Duhhhhh! Why don't they realize this?? :smile: