COACH denim | Yay or Nay

  1. So a few days ago Jane-Ann had a post about the new patchwork and in that post I mentioned the new denim patchwork (limited edition). It was in the BIG RED BOOK and hadn't been released to all stores. I found a couple of pictures on eBay...I don't know this seller - but this bag looks like I remember...

    --what do you guys think--do you like it or not?

    link to auctions:

    sellers pic attached.
  2. I don't like this bag, since it looks like it's supposed to be the seats of jeans, which just makes it look like a butt. :shocked: :lol:
  3. I didn't like it at first, but it's growing on me now...
  4. Hmm.... not sure about denim bags in general.
  5. I like the denim patchwork totes more than that particular hobo.
  6. I'm not crazy about it. I would never pay that much for a Coach bag. You can get a LV or Chanel for that price.
  7. I went to my local Coach store the other day to check out the indigo patchwork bags and saw this while I was there. I didn't like it at all. I didn't like the shade of denim, or the big diagonal patch on the outside. I think it reminded me too much of something from the early 80's, maybe - it brought back memories of my young teen years :Push: .

    On a side note, I was also disappointed by the Indigo Signature Patchwork tote. I had been prepared to love it, based on the pics that someone posted on here a while ago, but it didn't end up doing anything for me. I didn't like the brown leather trim - in the pics I'd seen it looked very dark deep brown but in reality it's kind of...mottled or something. I can't describe it. It doesn't really show up in the pics on the Coach website. Anyway, I guess I should be relieved I didn't love it since I don't have $540 (Cdn) to spend on a bag!
  8. I really like the indigo patchwork much more than the denim, but the denim is growing on me, too bad it is sold out.
  9. I don't like the denim. I agree with Sialia- it reminds me of the 80's
  10. saw it in the Coach catalogue but not a fan--those ebay auctions are outrageous!
  11. Is it really sold out? I thought it wasn't available til June! :amazed:

    I like the patchwork better than this particular style in denim. Agree about "the seat of the jeans." :lol:
  12. i love it... very cute
  13. I do not like the denim patchwork at all. I actually prefer their fall and winter collections more than spring and summer.
  14. I don't like that particular bag but I can't help but love the denim patchwork. I kinda want the new satchel myself.