Coach Denim Signature Stripe Tote

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  1. So here is my questions for the Coach lovers on this forum:

    My sister is in love with the Coach Denim Signature Stripe Tote. We saw it at a Coach store about a month ago and it looks like it would be great to wear with jeans. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to buy it then since we knew we had to save our funds for the holidays. So now we have the 25% off PCE card and figured it was a good time to go for it since Christmas is coming up.

    I've called 3 different local Coach stores and none of them have it in stock! I've received conflicting stories from the 3 different stores and don't know what to do.

    Store #1 - This the location where we originally saw the bag. The SA said that they no longer had the purse but could order it. She put me on hold and looked up the style number. She looked up 11098 but that is not the denim bag. I called back after finding the correct style number (11179) and she said she would be able to order it but wasn't sure if that was the right color based on the color code she was seeing in the system....

    Store #2 - The SA said she knew the exact purse I was talking about but said it was a "deleted" item and that it was no longer in stores. I asked if it could be ordered and she said "No."

    Store #3 - The SA said she knew the purse that I was talking about. She said they had the Large bag in the store but not the size that I was looking for. She looked up the style number and said that it could be ordered.

    The bag I'm looking for is the Denim Signature Stripe Tote. It's a denim (blue) color with a blue stripe. The straps are in brown leather. The inside of the purse (if I remember correctly) has the legacy colors. The style number is 11179.

    I don't understand why each store is telling me something different. One can order it but doesn't know the exact color.... One says the bag is no longer available to purchase... Another says they have the Large and can order the other....

    AND I can't find that bag on the Coach website...

    *sigh* :confused1: What to do... !?!?!?!
  2. it probably has been deleted. but there could be more at the coach warehouse. so that's what the sa's are seeing....i would go to the store that said they could order it. i think you can use the discount on orders.
    i know it's sometimes frustrating when sa's don't know what they are talking about!
    tPF sa's are awesome, though!!
    good luck on your search!
  3. Thank you! I was told by the SA that the 25% off card would still apply to the oder purchase if it is ordered from the store. So that is awesome!
  4. I was at two different Macy's this weekend and both had the denim signature strip tote for 25% off. It might be worth checking if you have a Macy's nearby!
  5. Thank you! I'll show this to my sister. She is the one that wants that bag so I'll send the link to her. The only reason I figure she might not get the eBay bag because 1) We are terrified of bags from eBay and 2) We wouldn't be able to use the 25% off card.

    I think that is the larger sized bag. I noticed the strap is different. Don't know if that is because of the different size. I tried calling Macy's and Dillards to see if they had the bag but nobody in that department would answer the phone... *sigh* So I'll have to go check it out tomorrow.

    Thank you all for responding! I :heart: tPF!
  6. Yes, they were deleted in October. You might be able to get it shipped from another location or find it at a department store. The only thing denim that is still available in stores is the satchel. Good luck!
  7. Macys has them for 30% off now!!
  8. OMG! Seriously? My sister is going to be so happy. She works right across the street from a mall that has a Macy's & a Coach. Looks like we'll be visiting that mall tomorrow. =Þ
  9. yep its been like that for a long time! I bet next week they ll be 50% off during the madness they call black friday
  10. Well I hope you girls find the bag you want! And for a good price! The Dillards up here has no clue about anything it seems. I tried to explain a ergo tote to them and they didn't get it. lol!
  11. OMG I would never enter, or come near, a mall on Black Friday! Insane! LoL!
  12. i have :sad: i used to work at macys... open at 6-7 am!!! lol! it was a madhouse!!! people actually fight for clothes!!
  13. Thank you to everyone that posted back and helped me find this purse.

    I called all the local Macy's and none of them had the bag. One location looked up the bag by the barcode number on the tag and said another location showed 2 in stock. I called them and the lady barely knew where she was standing. She told me they didn't carry Coach. Then she said "Oh I see we have 2 in stock but I'd have to go find it in the back room because we don't carry Coach so it wouldn't be out on the floor." I asked her why she would have Coach bags in the first place if they don't sell them at the store and she said "Oh we get them but ship them back to another location if it is a full priced item. We only carry clearance Coach bags." So I said "Ok so you DO carry Coach then just not everything." She responded and said "No, we don't carry Coach".... :confused1::nuts::confused1:

    I called her later and she said she couldn't find them. She said she found the bags with the matching barcode number on the ticket but it wasn't the same bag... I asked her how it could be the same number but not the same bag and she said she didn't know.... We got frustrated and gave up with them. :cursing:

    We went to a Coach store and ordered it. We used the 25% card so all is well in the end. The bag will be here within 3 - 5 business days.