Coach Denim Patchwork Swingpack (pics)

  1. I love, love, love this bag!:heart: It is larger than I expected- tall and wide. It is quite thin, as you can see from the pics. It holds all I need for the day, though. The leather is really pretty on this...distressed. And the strap is removable and has a velour blue stripe down it. I really needed a smallish bag that didn't look like it belonged to a child. :yes:

    PS-Forgive the awful pictures, my laptop ate my sd card so I had to take them with my camera phone!

    Oops-mods- can ya move this to the Coach forum? I didn't see we had one! Thanks!
    IMAGE_00001.jpg IMAGE_00002.jpg IMAGE_00003.jpg
  2. The picture are good, But the bag is so nice i love it.
  3. Oh I'm jealous! I love that patchwork line. I'm having to work very hard to restrain myself from buying the tote!
  4. I know...I'm really wanting the tote, too!
  5. I love mine too! It's great to take anywhere.
  6. So pretty! I really love this patchwork COACH.