Coach Denim Patchwork Sneakers

  1. Anyone have a pair of these? I"ve seen several of them on ebay & I wanted to know if you girls think they're cute??? (This pic is from the ebay auction I'm looking at).
  2. I saw them today at Saks and I did not like'em
  3. i have seen them irl at Saks also and i didnt like them at all... usually i like the coach sneakers too. I think its just a lot of denim, they kinda remind me of denim keds too..
  4. I think if you wore them with jeans it would just be too much. Maybe with like khaki shorts or skirt it would be ok? But never with jeans.
  5. It's funny-I opened this thread expecting to like them because I like the other Coach sneakers-but, I don't really care for these
  6. I like the way they look in the store...but I HATE how this sneaker design looks on my feet....everytime they come out with a new version of it I try them on again in hopes that I'll love them...and never do!
  7. Hmm...ok thanks! I think I'll pass on them. I think it would be too much with jeans, which is mostly what I wear.
  8. I don't like them in denim but Coach has this same style in a khaki bronze combo that are cute and just as casual
  9. they are abit tacky..