Coach Delphine ?

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  1. I saw that too. I also own one in Whiskey, and I love mine! This auction is almost 3X the original retail though, steep!!!
  2. It looks like a beautiful bag ! Do you have any pictures of your bag ? Thanks. I am not planning on buying this one, too much for me but would love to see one in action ! Thanks
  3. I saw it in person at the Legacy boutique and I LOVE it! I had tried getting a green one a while ago but they sold out so when I went to the store, she said they are coming out with another green one for the spring that has zebra lining instead of the ad print. She took my name down to call me when it comes in!
  4. The ad print is so cute and I like the style!!
  5. I want the metallic one!!! But $1000 is TOO much for me to spend on a bag... the whiskey one is gogeous too!!!!!!
  6. I don't have a modeling pic, but here she is and she's very comfortable to wear...

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  7. Your bag is TDF. :drool:
  8. LizCordova has one too. I saw 20? of 24 at my store a few months ago. I had just bought the Felicias, but that bag was just TOO big.
  9. yum!
  10. What a GORGEOUS bag, thank you so much for posting !
  11. that is really steep!!! But it is such a cute bag!:shrugs:
  12. Love it, just can't fathom paying that much for it.
  13. Anyone read the sellers about me page?

    $2750 for a LE $1000 bag? Speaking of "shady"...
    And folks wonder why Coach even uses a ban letter.