Coach Delivery

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  1. Does Coach ship via UPS?
  2. Fed Ex :smile:
  3. I think it's FedEx
  4. I also believe it's FedEx.
  5. Yup FedEx. And I don't know if it's a minimum dollar amount that triggers it, but all my Coach packages have required a signature.
  6. i have always got my coach orders at my postoffice....shipped usps...
  7. Nope! Dollar amount doesn't matter, Coach as a company requires a signature for all home delivered packages.

  8. All mine have been Fed Ex.
  9. fedex is the only company we use.

    and it needs a signature because if it's just left on the front door, and someone steals it, coach doesn't want to have a customer issue or get sued...

    you can always instruct the SA to leave a msg for the fedex guy, like "throw it over the fence" was one customer's request, or "no signature necessary" (i guess that customer was really confident no one would steal from her).

    i always prefer to sign for my thjngs anyways, it just means that the chances of it being "lost in the maiL" are next to nil.
  10. i wonder if all my coach purchases have sent sent to my post office because thats all we have here....i mean we dont have mailboxes, you have to physically go to a building to get any mail.....??? hmmmm oh well
  11. Fed Ex....and I've signed the waiver for Fed Ex so they will leave it at my house without a signature.
  12. I wanted to check because I will have it delivered at work where I see the fed ex guy face to face.
  13. I got two different packages from Coach last week (ordered from store during 25% off event) and neither required a signature. They were just on my front step when I got home. I'm willing to bet that it depends on the flavor of FedEx and the value amount of the item. Both packages totalled less than $300 each.
  14. Are you sure someone at your place didn't sign the waiver? I had a couple of nightmare experiences with Fed Ex before I did...and they were on low value stuff that my MOM sent...nothing to important...but they would not leave without a signature...and my schedule...and their schedule...didn't meet.
  15. I just got my first Coach, the signature large hobo (eeeeeee!). It came FedEx and was waiting on my doorstep when I got home.

    I don't think I have ever driven that fast!