COACH decision!


Mar 11, 2006

The shopping here (Orlando) is great. My feet hurt so bad I must've checked out 200+ stores today - [exhausted].

So my folks missed my birthday and I told my mom I just wanted a roomy bag to take on the plane. She might consider the Coach store in this situation so I narrowed it down to these few if that's the case. That is, if the store even has them.






I like the two black signature bags because lately I've been a little wary over monogram bags, but these 2 look cute in black. Also, they have the nickel feet at the bottom.

I really like the last one because it doesnt have the C signature and it's nylon so I figure it'd be easy to clean.
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I like the 1st and 4th ones with a preference for the 4th because I don't much care for the texture on the 1st.

The signature bags are quite cute but I don't like monograms.
I think you are getting really varied comments, but my vote goes to the two black bags. I really like the shape of the 1st but don't think you should spend so much on wicker/straw (?) and same reason for the 4th, I can't see myself spending so much on nylon.

Do you want to consider #1 in another material????
i love the last one, but i have the 2nd one (Signature Satchel)...but as far as roomy goes, the satchel is not's small. inside i can fit the basics (makeup, wallet, phone) but there isn't much room after that. i don't have a picture of the inside, but let me show you a picture so you can get a feel for the size...

I have the second one in black leather and I love it. I alternate between using that and my speedy every day. It's perfect for when it rains and I can't use my speedy. As far as being roomy enough to travel with, it's more of an everyday bag.
i love the shape of the sachel (2nd) but like black butterfly said, it's not roomy. it holds so much less than it looks like it should. that's why i didn't buy it. a girl i know has the third one and it is very roomy. i like the first one, but it would really depend on the price. i dont' know that i'd want to pay coach prices for something made out of straw. :smile:
I like the first, and the third.

The second one I saw in another fabric, you could get a larger verion for just 20 bucks more.

The fourth one...It's just not my style but if its yours Go For it!

The first I really like-its casual with nice leather trim

The third- I LOVE this bag and will buy it for work in a few months....but as a warning, it looks pretty professional.

Cant wait to hear what you pick out!
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