Coach deals in southern california!

  1. So I thought this would be a good thread to start. We are all Coach lovers and love a great deal on Coach. So if you find anything post away.:okay:This thread will only be for deals in S.CA.

  2. I'll start. Today I went to Macy's in the Del Amo Mall in Torrance. They had one magenta bleecker left. So if any of you ladies are looking for one you should go get it.

    Shoes- The cindie flats are 40% off plus an additional 20% F&F discount. They had a few in size 6, 7, and 9, and 10.
  3. At the Macy's in South Coast Plaza the Fara pumps in bronze are 25% off plus an additional 20% off F&F discount.

  4. I posted this in the main forum, but here seemed appropriate...

    Macy's has a SUPER deal on a black '06 legacy satchel, they have one at Southcoast Plaza in Costa Mesa for only $349 - and if you use the F&F this weekend it is $280ish - closer to $210 (I think) if you apply for a Macy's card. :nuts:

    They also had a couple tobacco Abbeys for 40% off + 20% F&F as well.
  5. coach outlet in carlsbad is doing an additional 10% off your purchase this weekend. that's in addition to the price points with already 20, 30, or 40% off.
  6. Did you see any legacy?
  7. wondering the same thing... anyone been to either carlsbad or cabazon and seen any legacy? really want an ali bag, but it's an hour drive from here....might go tomorrow!
  8. Macy's in Century City has a few optic hobos for 40% off. From $238 down to $145.They had a few in brown and black.
  9. i love this thread. i dont like in CA but I can always call Nordies or macy's out there and order!
  10. Glad to be helpful. That's what this thread is for. :yes:
  11. Macy's had their clearance shoes with an additional 25% - 30% off this weekend, including Coach. Hopefully, over the next few weeks Macy's will continue to offer this.
  12. I stopped by the macy's in the stonewood mall (downey) today and they had a grey clay gigi @ 40% off. I really want this bag but it had too many scratches on it so I had too pass. But anyone else who is interested you should stop by and check it out. There was also a straw bag 40% off and a few flower charms also on clearence.
  13. Wouldn't those come out with some leather conditioner? :shrugs: it's worth a try.

    ooh, I know that when they have an item in stock, they can scan and see where else it is available and do a charge send. Then if you get it and it's not up to par, return it.
  14. Good idea. I love how we all help each other here. thanks!
  15. San Diego outlets are having the extra 10% discount every weekend. I've been going to the ones in Carlbad and San Ysidro and they are always having that discount.