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  1. I saw this in another forum and thought it would be a good idea for a thread!

    If you find a good deal on eBay for something that you aren't going to buy and you want to pass along to another tPFer, post it here! :heart:
  2. this is a realy good idea for a thread. thanks
  3. That's cute! I just won a pink signature purse today or I'd bid on it!

    Here's a couple others I saw for good prices!
    REALLY cute clutch!
    eBay: COACH BLACK Signature Framed Clutch Wristlet Bag 40321 (item 300066158336 end time Jan-08-07 21:15:51 PST)

    Lightly used light blue wallet (I'm 99% sure it's authentic)
    eBay: Coach Wallet -- light blue (item 230073250657 end time Jan-08-07 19:33:28 PST)

    Really nice Madison top handle gold lurex purse
    eBay: coach mini signature gold metallic handbag purse (item 110074982199 end time Jan-09-07 12:31:26 PST)

    Pink sig suede hobo and matching wristlet
    eBay: Coach Pink Small Signature Hobo With Matching Wristlet (item 280066482287 end time Jan-09-07 13:25:13 PST)

    Those all have less than 24 hours to go and are at really good prices right now!
  4. Hi, I'm new and posted for the first time today on another thread.
    I saw this bag on eBay last night but didn't trust it b/c there's no pic of the inside creed. Why would someone list it without that important piece of "evidence"? You guys really seem to know your stuff, so how are you able to tell that this is the real deal and not a 7star/AAAA++++ fake?
    Thanks for any replies in advance :smile:
  5. Anxiously waiting to see if anyone spots any authentic deals today :smile: I need a new purse..hence the word "need" lol
  6. This would be a great thread to keep pinned at the top of the page, so it's easy to locate!!! Great thread idea.
  7. maybe you could also post (if you know) what a max big should be? I just saw a legacy writstel go for $99 - when you can get one direct from coach for just a few $ more with shipping, why buy a used one one eBay? I always wonder...hmmm what is this really worth? So, if you happen to know, it'd be great to include that.:party:
  8. On my Legacy shoulder bag that I just received a couple days ago from Coach does not have Coach stamped into the hardware.
  9. Bethy, thanks for the great idea. ;)
    What a great thread. :yes:

    It's really nice to keep pinned, isnt it? :rolleyes:
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