Coach Daphne Satchel

  1. I love love love this Daphne Satchel :love: but refuse to pay USD$698 for it :sad: :cry: any idea if this will get discounted soon?:graucho:
  2. Man I love that Daphne! Is it leather and canvas? Probably as soon as it sells out it will be discontinued, but if its not in high demand maybe it will make it to the outlets.
  3. I saw several Daphne satchels during my last visit to the Coach outlet. Not sure what fabric though-I'd call and ask
  4. They're on eBay for about 40-50% off, and the counterfeiters haven't gotten around to doing these bags yet.
  5. ITA that they are way overpriced. That, and the strap that connects over the middle is impossible to reattach with one hand (I tested it in the store) which means you always need two hands free to close your bag completely. Not for me, thanks!
  6. On that note, the Calfskin Daphnes are up on eBay now too! :heart:

    Yeah, a lot of bags are a hassle to get in and out of. I wouldnt pay that much for it either, but if I find it for a better price, I'd just leave the clip unattached the way people always leave their Birkins open. The top looks like a coin purse, does it snap shut?

    I didnt see any of these Daphnes (like the one in the original post) in my outlet today but they did have one orange snake skin/straw Daphne like Jessica's here -


    Now that is not for me.
  7. I really like this bag too but I can't justify paying $700 for a coach bag
  8. me too lol
    i think it's a lil bit too much for a Coach purse
  9. I bought this bag at coach today except it has gold python leather straps and details!! It is sooo beautiful!! It was very limited edition I think only 1,000 were made!! I will post pics when I pick it up on Monday. It was $700 but I used my coach coupon so it only cost me $525!! It is worth every penny!!
  10. Macy's having an event this weekend where you get 15% back on your Macy's charge card. Not a great deal, but every little bit helps right? =)
  11. Iheartcouture, congrats. =)))
  12. Thanks!!! I love the daphne satchel but did not want to pay $700 I am glad I waited and saved 25%! I love this sale I wish it was more often!!
  13. Congratulations, I cant wait to see pictures!
  14. some daphne's are limited edition, aren't they?

  15. OOh-I don't have a Macy's card-but, my stepdaughter does-hmmm...................