Coach Curmudgeons

  1. Ok so has anyone ever ecountered elderly people that are anti- Coach ? I have, I run into them everyday but today in particular, I was at the mall and sitting on one of those bences back to back with another bench. This lady was sitting there on her break, she obviously worked there in retail because she had a name tag and a clear bag which I noticed later but I was sitting there taking care of the kids and this elderly couple noticed her there and apparently they knew each other and the elderly lady said to her " every time I walk by that Coach store, it is so busy in there you would think they are giving the stuff away, I wouldn't take one even if they were free" and I shot her a dirty look ha ha and then proceeded to stand up and model my Ali to her on both sides, switching from arm to arm and glancing, and then walking over to the other side and modelling again (I am so obnoxious I know) I had a good reason to be there waiting though, I had a friend who was buying something in Bath and Body Works and my son acts out in that store so I chose to wait outside instead. So while I was modelling my bag to her, I noticed she was carrying one of those fake cloth Vera Bradley knockoffs. I thought old people like things that are good quality but I see this reaction all the time.
  2. They probably wouldn't have noticed your bag was coach.. they probably don't like the signature print..

    My Grandmother loved Coach. She had a HUGE red leather tote that she carried everywhere.. Back in the day with the unlined bags...
  3. Wow they make fake Vera Bradley too? :oh:
  4. I know, I was so hoping the lady would say something like that she liked my bag and I could tell her it was a COACH lol ! How cute your grandmother carried coach !
  5. Oh my gosh, yes. It's popular at, *gulp*, grocery stores.
  6. That's so odd. I've seen many older women that come into work that have old Coach bags. Other ones don't seem to really bother with what other people have. What an odd woman!
  7. She seriously had a knockoff Vera Bradley and was hating on Coach?? Tsk.
  8. hehe you're funny. i think i would do the same or even worse. i hate hearing bad things about something i love right in front of me.
  9. I know ! I am not in the habit of picking on old ladies, I just thought I was cracking myself up in an Elaine Benice kind of way being all affected and modelling my bag ! I really hoped she would say something but she didn't !
  10. sounds a little disrespectful to me
  11. My Mom used to carry Coach- she had a Bonnie Cashin. Now she picks up mine and says they are too heavy for her back now. She carries Vera Bradley ( the real ones).
  12. I post on another message board and they are TRUE Coach haters...they think that "Coach is the Payless of handbags" I think was the direct quote. No joke, my Coachies! I tried to put them straight, and they just started hating on ME! Needless to say, I don't post on that board anymore.
  14. she was insulting a brand and the people shopping and working there at the time very loudly right in front of their store so many people could hear her AND she thought she was being "clever" . I wasn't being blatantly disrespectful (just in my own mind) I was basically amusing myself but nobody else noticed if that makes sense.Plus most people have no clue that my bag is a coach anyway because it doesn't have cs all over it And it was right after another woman in JC penney who was looking at purses asked my opinion and I told her she could get what she was looking for at a Coach outlet and she made a "sour face" at me.
  15. Oh I know they are so cute. I have a Vera Bradley tote that I love. It's main color is black so it goes with most of what I have.