Coach CS - Spectator Sabrina

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  1. Just got off the phone with Coach CS, and I was told that none of the Spectator bags are LE - I was kinda wishing that they were, but oh well - at least I know now that they are not. Than again we know how they all say different things regarding the product.:confused1:

  2. Oh? Well, the lookbok reads Limited Edition at the top of the page... and only one of the boutiques (out of 4) in my area is carrying the green/ parchment ones...
    The manager at that boutique also said that they were LE, but you all know the level of credibility that has :rolleyes:
  3. My boutique told me the same thing--that they were all limited edition--and that's why none of the Pittsburgh stores would be getting them; only the larger stores.:confused1:
  4. I love the Spectator Sabrina, Limited or not. Thanks for all your help.