Coach crewneck!!

  1. Look at what I found on the Coach website. Comes in pink and blue. $228


  2. Style No: 80383
  3. That is ugly lol.
  4. I really like the blue one.
  5. I like the blue one, too. I don't think it's everyone's style but to each her own.
  6. I think its cute but not that cute for $228
  7. A little too busy for me!
  8. ITA.
  9. No me thats for sure....
  10. I don't care too much for it, either. I keep looking at it wondering what it could be worn with and I can't think if a single thing. It's not like anyone died and made me the fashion police so my opinion is just that -- my opinion. ;)
  11. Not for me either, and spendy! (for me!) :p
  12. I like the blue one better.
  13. I would rather spend that amount of money on a purse!! LOL :wtf:
  14. $228 for that?! What is it made out of?
  15. I think the blue is cute and could look so great on someone! It isn't for me cause I'm more of a solids girl :smile: but very very cute!