Coach Creed Patch ends with a "P" Anyone know what this means?

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  1. Hi, I just purchased a Coach handbag and the end serial number has a "P" after the five numbers-does anyone know what this means? Thanks
  2. It means that your bag was a Pilot. Coach will sell bags as pilots to see how well they sell. Hope this helps!!!
  3. I think that means it's a pilot bag, but someone else will know for sure. What bag is it and what's the style number?
  4. Thanks, that helps.
  5. What bag did you get?
  6. I'm curious too...
  7. what bag could it be?
  8. Well, got any pics to share? ;)
  9. Hi everyone! I'm a lurker and from the eBay purses board that "crashed and burned", lol. Good to be here and thought I could help!

    Yes, it does mean it is a "Pilot" bag just like CoachAdd1ct said.

    Just know there COULD be some minor differences in the bag, tho. I once bought several bags at the Factory Store...I think they were Soho Pocket Flaps, #11842, and just one of them was a Pilot. The Pilot (11842P as indicated on the creed patch) didn't have an outside back pocket. The others had a full back pocket with a hidden magnetic snap closure!

    So just be aware there might be a small difference or two with the pilot bags.

    Hope that helps!
  10. I curious too! Let's see it!
  11. Thanks for coming over to TPF.. I'm not a freq. poster of the board that "burned" but I was freq. in other ones. Hope to see more of you, I'm sure you'll have plenty of knowledge helpful in our Authenticate section!
  12. Lets see it!
  13. ^^ Love your screen name! LOL