Coach Crane Game

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  1. Every summer I go to Wildwood, NJ many times. I was so excited to see a GIANT Coach crane game on the boardwalk on Morey's pier last year. This crane was huge (life-size) and it had tons of authentic Coach bags inside of all different sizes. I asked the attendant a few times if the bags were really authentic and he said "yes". Most of them were leather and there were some scribble from last year, some straw and poppy bags. Most likely all the bags were from an outlet because they had white Coach boxes displayed inside the crane. This thing drew such a crowd. People would just hang out for a while and watch to see if anyone would win. The game cost $2 per chance or 3 chances for $5. People were spending $30-40 a pop because it was worth it if they won. Of all the times I watched, I only saw two bags won. The people were freaking out. It was so funny. There were even smaller crane games with wristlets and mini skinnies on the same pier. I can't wait to go back this summer and try winning one again.
  2. fun!! I hope they are authentic--wish we could find out which outlet they are coming from
  3. and I want pictures!
  4. yea, can you post pix? that is one of the wildest things i have ever heard!
  5. Yes, definitely when I go back, I'll take a lot of pics and post them. Unfortunately, I don't have any pics right now.
  6. that sounds like so much fun!

    The best prizes I've seen so far in one of those machines is a PSP3 player. Those games are super hard to win though. the only time i've ever won anything was a mid-sized tweety and that was hard enough for me! lol.
  7. that sounds SOOO fun. i would love to try and play it!!! next time you are there could you take some pictures of the game so we can share in your excitement?
  8. awesome! I was freaking out this past summer in Hershey Park when I played a game with a coach wristlet as a prize. Didn't win it though. It was one of those games where you have to stop the light on the prize you want.
  9. I saw an yellow optic hobo in a game machine at Glory Days awhile ago. It was very much authentic.
  10. wow! im jealous,must be nice to live close to these games because i never heard of them.

    please post pic's