Coach Court Bag - Please Aunthenticate

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  1. Hi, can someone please help me authenticate this bag. Thank you so much!

    Attached Files:

  2. Please use the Authenticate This C0ach link in the C0ach Shopping thread for all authentication requests.

    Read the first page for instructions on what photos and information we need to see, especially a clear readable photo of the creed stamp and serial number.

    If you want to add the creed and serial photo to this thread as long as you already have the other pictures posted, that's ok as long as future requests are in the place and format asked for in the Authenticate thread. Thanks!
  3. sorry and thank you.

    i am having problems uploading the picture of the creed and serial number. it keeps telling me that it has failed to upload. what am i doing wrong?
  4. How big is the picture? If it's near the limit and you already have other large pictures uploaded, it might reject the last one. Remember, clarity is more important than size, we need to be able to see details such as fonts and punctuation.
  5. Your pictures are showing as being more than 1MB each. That's HUGE and that's probably why you're having trouble uploading more. When they're full size each pic is more than twice the size of my 16-inch laptop screen and that's NOT necessary. 1200x800 pixels is fine, which s about the size of a 13 to 15-inch laptop screen. Please keep your photos under that size in the future.