Coach Coupons?

  1. Anyone have any coupons for coach outlets? I'm heading there tomorrow ... and was wondering if anyone has those 25% off coupons..
  2. Some outlets have coupon booklets that you can pick up before you start shopping. So when you arrive, you should check at the information booth/office.
  3. also look up the outlet you are going to, and sign up for the site, it usually lets you print out a coupon for a free coupon booklet, I had to pay $5 for my booklet, even though i saved a lot more by spending that $5 it could have been totally free.

    I think the booklets are free if you are a AAA member,etc..
  4. i'm about 99% sure all those coupon books will exclude coach.

    and the only coach coupons are for the pce.
  5. The outlet coupons definetly do not include Coach.
  6. thanks everyone! I had a great time shopping at coach - i went to the outlets in Napa, CA

    They had a pretty good sale with some really nice bags. They had an additional 20% off their sale prices.

    I found this gorgeous Legacy bag that must've been a return and i found out that you can actually negotiate!! I got 30% off!
    coach.jpg coach2.jpg
  7. The only thing I'm aware of now with Coach is they are expediting shipping on the website if you order by 2/13. It won't help with the outlet but maybe someone else who looks at this thread will want to buy themselves a Valentines Day gift.
  8. Beautiful bags. Congrats.

    On a side note. Last time I went to Vegas (late last year) I stopped at the outlet in Barstow. There was some kind of Promo/donation thing going on that weekend only. If you donated $2.00 to Breast Cancer (great cause!!!) you got 3 coupons one for 10% off one purchase, one for 15% off one purchase and one for 20% off one purchase. These coupons were good for ALL stores. So of course I used the 20% off at Coach. And then I bought just a few things at Polo and used the 15% off there. I never ended up using the 10%. I had never heard of this type of thing before. I always stop at the Management office and get the coupon book that never has anything for Coach. I was surprised when I saw the special coupons that could be used at Coach. That is actually how I learned about the coupons while standing in line at Coach. To bad they don't do it more often. Great cause and got to save some money at the same time.:yahoo: