Coach coupons?

  1. I'm new to the forum. I've read a couple of threads, and I saw something about Coach discounts or coupons? Does anybody know anything about this? (besides Coach outlet, which I never find anything that I like)
  2. The coupons you may be referring to are from the Preferred Customer Event that happens a couple times a year where a select number of customers who frequently shop at Coach get 25% off the entire purchase they make.

    These are sent by Corporate to those customers and the store does not have authority to pick and choose who gets them so if you're a regular shopper at a Coach store, make sure you give your name/zip code etc everytime and hopefully the next event- you may get one :smile:
  3. sprinkles- Do you know when the next Preferred Customer event is? The last coupon I received was in the middle of spring.
  4. They just had an event....a couple weeks ago but very limited. If I remember correctly I heard that the next one will be closer to Christmas. I just don't know what the qualifications are for the next PCE (spending a certain amount or just being in the system).
  5. hmm well like if you shop at stores like Dillards,they put their coach selections on sale bcus i went last night and they were 30% off but also had an xtra 30% percent off because of the store in general
  6. Some said you had to spend 250. What happens if you will buy more then that by christmas season, but bought it in varying amounts at a time, meaning I spent more then that, but divided on the different occasions I've stopped at the boutique.
  7. My SA at Towson told me that you had to sign up for promotions in the system. They did that for me the second to last time I went in.
  8. ^^How would you do that? Just ask straight up or at a certain time? This seasons coach is all about the accessories for me, but it would be nice to have that coupon if I like the next bag coming out.
  9. Does shopping on line at count? I buy when we go to Vegas but other than that, I only have the internet. I'm a fairly new addict (18 months) but have spent well over $800 in that time.
  10. unfortunetly doesn't count :/ Also the promotions in the computer doesn't guarentee you an invitation. It's mainly from shoppign in Coach Full price stores and not even outlets.
  11. I received one in the spring but I haven't gotten one since. Unfortunately I didn't even use that coupon because they had just sold out of the bag I wanted.
  12. The reason you haven't gotten one since may be because you didn't use it, they do keep tabs of who gets them vs. who uses them as well. This is why when you use it - it is required to give your name/info :smile:

  13. Bummer! Oh well, I did make a big purchase at the Coach store in Vegas (Forum Shops) so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

  14. What when was it? I always get one.
    I can't wait for the holiday one. I'm planning on getting coach luggage for my trip to Italy in June.
  15. Sprinkles, I see people selling the coupons on eBay during the promos. If someone who didn't get one directly from Coach bought one and used it would that increase their chance of getting one during the next promo?