Coach coupons in the mail...

  1. I've gotten 2 coupons from coach. They usually are for 25% off.
    Does anyone know how often Coach sends them?
  2. It's for PCE and usually it's 4 times a year I believe. Did you just recieve today? OMG...several of us are waiting anxiously for ours to arrive in the mail!!!! And you got 2!!!! Lucky!

    Oops, sorry, I might have read your post too fast...Are you saying that you've previously received the coupons and your wondering when the might send again?
  3. Oh gosh no..not today. I received one in June & one late 2006.
    But I had purchased a few bags in between.
    So i thought maybe it was customer appreciation or something.
    Umm whats PCE?

  4. I haven't gotten mine but I usually get two also. I think its because I'm on the list at two different stores.
  5. grrrr, i'm still waiting for mine! it's not my PCE, but my best friend's mom's PCE. but she doesn't see anything she likes this season, so she promised to give it to me. arg, the wait for PCE is killing me!
  6. Dear lord,
    Pleasse let Coach send me a PCE card this time around. I've been such a good girl! ;_;

    --- Candy
  7. I'm bumming because I really want one!! I got one last time but who knows.
  8. OMG! DH called me today and told me I got a card in the mail. I thought it must be my PCE! Stopped by the house at lunch and it was a birthday card from my employer. DH said, "Well, aren't you going to open it?" (I was so bummed, I just sat it down). I opended it and OMG, it was a birthday card (this Sunday) and it had $100.00 bill in it. :wlae::yahoo:DH ask, "So what will you be doing with your birthday cash?" I replied, "Coach fund for PCE!" he just shook his head and walked away.
  9. i feel everyones pain. im dying of anticipation. I really hope i get one too
  10. LOL its nice to know im not the only one stalking the mailman for these cards.
  11. I got mine in the mail yesterday...I think that DH tried to hide it from me, but I still found it.:smile: