Coach coupon email

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  1. I haven't received one. :sad:
  2. I was asked for my email addy last time I was in the boutique because I wanted to be alerted when something came in.
    For PCE I have always gotten 2 cards - one in my maiden, one in my married.
    This coupon only came in my idea how they do it:shrugs:
  3. I didn't get an email from Coach, but I did get the coupon last Friday and of course used it that day. I'm sorry to hear some of you aren't getting the love from Coach. Even though it is $50 off and not 25%, which worked out the same in my case, it's the fact that you aren't being recognized by a company that you love. I do feel special when I get the cards and I know many of you who didn't get a card, spend more than I have.
  4. every time i go into the store theyre like "odd, we dont have your info but we should" so then they ask for my addy, ect all over again. I'll probably never get anything if they can't find me in the system lol
  5. They have my info in the system and I've never purchased anything from the store. I never get the coupons either though lol.
  6. I received the email yesterday... But also received the coupon last week
  7. Yeah I got the card in the mail before I got the email. But I got an email to both of my email addresses -- maybe I'll get a 2nd card in the mail?
  8. Darn~ Nothing for me still..... I give up! :sad:
  9. no email for me but my coupon came in the mail yesterday... im suprised... usually us here in hawaii are the last to receive stuff like this
  10. This is so aggravating!!! I am banned and the only thing I am allowed to get is a darn wallet and I really don't want to spend $238 on one!
  11. My hubby got an email that a coupon was in the mail but I didn't get any emails from coach. He said I could use his but I don't plan on going to any full price stores in the near future. My job is killing me right now and I don't have time for the drive.:crybaby:
  12. Ah, okay! Thanks Kbell. I might ask them about it when I go reserve the new Ergo in several weeks. Much appreciated.

  13. Thats strange...When i place an online order, i never get email confirmation, ever. And they can't seem to tell me why? they have my info, email etc and they have no clue why that is...
  14. Poo! The only email I got from Coach today was telling me about their new limited edition perfume bottle. Nice. LOL!
  15. Same here!