Coach coupon email

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  1. Me either. :sad:

  2. Like TJ Maxx! And the Coach outlet, Bloomies, Macy's, Nordies and any other place that sells Coach. I am finding that I can wait for Coach because it will show up on sale some place.
  3. Exact same story here!
  4. Got an email today...and a coupon in the postal mail today too:yahoo:!!!

    Whew!!! I was about to give up that I would get one!!!
  5. funny how they did both email and mail!! wonder if they are going to be doing that for PCE too?
  6. just got one in the mail- good for the exact wkend i m gonna b in the states!
  7. :censor: NO!!!! I am really starting to get PO'd! No PCE last time after getting them for YEARS! Now no coupon and I have been spending SERIOUS money in the boutiques. It's not that $50 is going to make or break me but I do think I deserve some appreciation!!
  8. Me either (as usual). You go girl!!!!:rochard:
  9. I did get the email today. I was like uh, just send the coupon.
  10. As I posted earlier. Got the email.. Today no coupon. :sad:
  11. No email or coupon for me. Taking back my heritage pink wallet. So now I will have my 160.00 credit back for June PCE -- if they send me a card.
  12. Got the email today, got the coupon last week.
  13. I had already received, sold, and shipped off my coupon by the time I got the email :lol:
  14. I just checked my email and i got an invite. now i have to wait for it to show up in the mail!
  15. Odd.
    Does the Coach store SA's ask for the email addresses besides your personal information? I never got an SA to ask for that. Only my mailing address. -.-

    Anyway, I never get any of the PCE's/Coupons from them, so I won't be expecting any. :sad: