Coach coupon email

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  1. Me either Candy, I haven't gotten thank you's. kiss my @ss, nothing from Coach in a very long time. I even mentioned it to my fav SA and she didn't care, so I have just been staying out of there lately. If I want some Coach, I have other options besides the boutique, so that is my f-u to them:graucho:
  2. i got the coupon Sat and got the email this am
  3. Me too- Received e-mail today and coupon was in my Saturday mail.
  4. I got the email today and haven't received the coupon yet but the SA did let me use a coupon when I ordered my patent satchel yesterday so I don't know if I can even use another one.
  5. i got two emails this morning...i have two different emails account with coach but i guess only one adress because I only got one card so far
  6. OMG!!! I gotta go chk my emails.
  7. I got the email today but I had already received the coupon last Saturday and used it yesterday! It was "burning a hole in my pocket" as they say. I ordered the Madeline leather tote in Geranium b/c our store was sold out. My first leather bag will arrive later this week - yay! :smile:
  8. Well, no coupon and no email for me!! That also mean no buy at the boutiques for me!! :yes:
  9. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo: What she said!!! :tup:
  10. Well, I didn't get the email today so guess that means I can quit stalking my mailbox for that little pink envelope. I am glad that I picked one up on eBay because I am clearly not getting any love from Coach. :blah:
  11. No e-mail, no coupon....nothing....
  12. I got the same email today but the coupon came last week. Hope lots of people get a surprise today!!
  13. I got the email today and received my coupon on Saturday.
  14. I didn't get the email, but I got the card on Friday.
  15. I refresh my email like evey second. Still nothing...:cursing: