Coach coupon email

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  1. Did anyone get an email saying they should watch their mailbox for a $50 off $150 purchase? I got one todady so i will be looking out for it to come.
  2. Seriously?? WOW...I think they have totally forgotten about me!! I'm going to call a local store here and ask. Thanks for posting this!!
  3. This may be a silly request mentioning this in a Coach Forum of all places, but if someone finds that they will not be using this coupon, I would so love to make use of it for you!!!

    And for all those lucky people who do receive one, congrats and shop away!!!!
  4. I just got the email, so i will be checking the mail.
  5. I got that email today but actually got the physical coupon in the mail a few days ago.
  6. I just got the email today but I already got the coupon and used it :P
  7. Huh????
    No email. No coupon in the mail....:crybaby:
  8. I just got the email too!!

    Totally checking my mailbox EVERYDAY! Haha. :smile:
  9. I got the email today too.

    ^^ ME TOO!! I'll be checking the mail like a hawk everyday!
  10. Wishful thinking that I would get that email...
  11. Be on the lookout for a pretty pink envelope - not the typical PCE eggshell:smile:
  12. WTF??? No!
  13. I didn't get the email either. So most likely I won't be getting the coupon.
  14. I got the e-mail today - coupon came last week.
  15. No email for me. What does a girl gotta do!