Coach Cosmetic bag???

  1. Somebody have pics of Coach Cosmetic Bags??? I have a little trauma now with cosmetics bags... The last year I was in an airplane and I saw one lady going to the restroom with a LV cosmetic bag. I was between jealous and thinking if it was authentic too...
    After, in the same flight, I saw another lady going to the restroom with a bag identical!
    Now I am thinking that I need a nice cosmetic bag... I use the ones that Clinique give me for free in the "gift time" ha ha. I don't want spend $265.00 in the LV... with that money I buy a Coach bag! (well, a little one) and I think will be better not spend more than $100.00
    It's a good idea?
    I was looking in and they just have three models that I don't like so much...
  2. I have the pink heritage stripe one in medium but they make a large one also!! It is cute and has three pockets inside also in tattersal print!!
    I love the pink but new bags are coming out soon and maybe they will have one you like??
  3. I just love my stripe cosmentic pouch...
    IMG_5030.jpg IMG_5029.jpg
  4. Love that cos. bag BagFetish... did that come in any other colors? Very pretty! I also just bought the heritage stripe cos bag in the large... I love it, very easy to clean on the outside, but if some of you read my other thread it is hard to keep the inside clean, although the tattersall print is TDF and that ran me $98 which isn't too pricey... :tup:
  5. 40724_B4BR_t.jpg I have this one 40724 $128 it holds a lot and i love it
  6. I think the coach bags are cute, but I feel like they don't have that good lining... I'd worry about spilling. Right now I use a Vera Bradley bag that has nice clear lining inside, in case anything spills.
  7. I have the medium raspberry lurex cosmetic bag, I love it, It is nice and compact but holds all of my lipgloss. It also has 3 small pockets inside which are good for holding bubble packs of tylenol. There is still about 1/2 of the ag available to put more into it also. I never put any powder in my bag, usually only lipgloss :biggrin: Just ignore my cat backdrop, she had to get her rear end in the shot :biggrin:


  8. bagfetish &jennie...i love your cosmetic cases!

    i have 2 but ill post pictures later when i get back from school.
  9. I have the large Heritage stripe case and it holds quite a lot!!!
    makeup1.jpg makeup2.jpg
  10. I agree, I wanted one too (a coach cosmetics bag) but the lining is too nice and I'm afraid of spilling stuff so I use my old cheap one. I'd rather spend the money on other coach things.
  11. oooooohhhhhh, Candace! I was just 'meh' about the new cosmetic bags till I just saw your pics:heart:..... now I haveeeee to have one...... uh oh. lol.
  12. that pink heritage stripe case will be mine next month! but here are my 2 as promised...

    my first one....Perfume/Fragrance Print famed beauty case? (i dont remember the exact name)
    101_6955.jpg 101_6956.jpg 101_6961.jpg
  13. and my second one...signature stripe large beauty case in khaki/parchment
    101_6968.jpg 101_6970.jpg 101_6971.jpg
  14. Wow, all these pictures of cosmetic bags are making me want one now too! :drool:

    Check eBay for more Coach cosmetic bags. There might be some from previous seasons that you could like.
  15. I love it!