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  1. Am I allowed to say Sucks!? IF not, please edit, sorry mods...

    Since everyone is noticing and asking why I don't return these bags to COACH myself, here is the scoop....

    as if my year wasn't pathetic and sad enough.

    Maybe you will understand my rage, maybe not...

    I have been meaning to post in the BAN COACH THREAD but have not had the strength because the whole issue really upsets me each time I think about it.

    Here's the situation..

    Like I said, with my husband going back and forth to Iraq, I was pretty lonely and shopping was my therapy. It got me out of the house and I got to play with money (which we had last year before the scam). It all worked out REALLY well since my family and friends in Taiwan bought them from me (for what I paid) since the COACH is taxed more there. So I got to shop and they paid, it was fun! I would put some on Ebay if I thought they were a good deal. But ultimately sending them to Taiwan was my main purpose.

    Well, I bought more than they needed and eventually the shipping got quite expensive. So I decided to stop.

    Meanwhile around January, I went to Coach and was told, I could no longer shop there since I have purchased TOO MUCH from them and they didn't support that!

    I was floored! I have never heard such a thing. They would always tell me that there was a limit of 3 items per style and I always followed their rules.

    I PAID for everything and I felt like I was being treated for shoplifting or something. Anyways, bottomline is, they said I am no longer allowed to shop there, my husband or I. Of course I called Coorporate and no one will talk to me. I personally think it is rediculous that I am banned. Child molestors aren't forbidden to go to parks anymore. I still don't think I did anything wrong. What do you think?

    What upsets me more is the letter they gave me. They kept saying how they are trying to uphold their standards, and how their customers are most important. If that is so, why didn't someone warn me like "naomi, if you keep purchasing so much, they will eventually ban you". I called another store and asked and they said this has always been the policy and they give out these letters all the time. I just think it is REDICULOUS and shows NO customer appreciation, how could a warning hurt? HOW EVIL are they to know what is coming up (this Letter) and NOT give their "APPRECIATED CUSTOMER" a heads up? Why wouldn't they tell me ahead of time? If it is a rule and there is a consequence, isn't it fair to post them? Trust me, I am not one that adores COACH. I think their "CHINESE" quality is mediocre and their AMERICAN TRADITION podium that they stand on is PATHETIC and makes me ill since it is full of lies but I think banning me is ABSURD, I can understand if they say, "you can only buy ONE thing each quarter from now on" or something to that effect, if they really do "VALUE their customers like they say. What if my friend wants a birthday gift from there, etc... But really, I nor my husband can EVER SET FOOT INTO ANOTHER COACH AGAIN! That is a bit harsh, don't you think?!

    So, there you have it, yes, I am still allowed to return items but frankly, I just want to hit and SCREAM at someone when I walk by a COACH store. My stomach is in knots just talking about it.

    I think their company is weak, especially since NO ONE will talk to me about this silly policy, NO ONE! I have called Corporate many times, even the lady that wrote it, Cynthia Linke, she was unwilling to talk or explain anything to me.... frankly she was PRISSY AND FLAT OUT RUDE (why am I not surprised?) then she hung up on me. And the managers say "they cannot comment". What cowards! I've called other store managers and they also don't agree with this policy and thinks it sucks. I had a nice manager that said he would bring it up to the corporate meetings.

    So, there you have it ladies.... I honestly despise the place because I think they have no values or respect for their PAYING customers. You may hate me but that is the reasoning why I have a ton of COACH and am unwilling to set foot in another COACH store again....

    sorry for the earful! So, you now know since they won't tell you, be careful how much you buy... or they may unfairly ban you too!
  2. Wow!! I didn't know they could do that!!!
  3. wow...i can't believe they banned you......Well I hope you resolve this issue out soon...
  4. Interesting. I'm in and out of Coach stores quite often and have never heard of this. What a shame.
  5. Well wouldnt the ultimate F-U be to return everything? You said that you could return it right? I would walk all that stuff into the store and return every last thing. You are the fool to keep all this stuff on principle! RETURN IT!! Yeah it might be a little embarrasing but its more embarrasing to keep things you dont want.
    Good luck to you!
  6. I agree!! RETURN IT ALL!!! :nuts:
  7. Wow!! I can NOT believe they did that to you. That seems UTTERLY unfair. What ever happened to capitalism and the whole idea of free markets? This seems almost like discrimination. Not like I think you should waste too much time on this issue, but I might keep writing letters - and send a letter to the editor of your local paper too and let others know what's going on. You already have a letter all written in your post:smile: That really does suck...

    ^^^I'd return it too, who cares what a bunch of SAs at the store where you are "banned" think of you anyway? forget any embarrassment.
  8. There is nothing to resolve. They will not give. No one will even talk about the subject.

    yea, the letter is rediculous it talks about how much they value their customers, blah, blah, blah....

    yet they surprise attack like this, pretty two faced, I think.
  9. It's pretty not to waste your money their. I say waste because Coach has been pretty uppity lately and their quality is slipping as prices seem to be rising. Please purchases your bages elsewhere or spend your money on another hobby, I too am not happy with that company. I'm sorry for all the bs you went through.
  10. I agree! Call your local news station and tell them you were banned for buying to much! They will be all over that story!!
  11. I usually spend at least $1500 on each trip. Probably 1-2 trips a week.

    What gets me is that people on ebay will sell, freakin' tires and then have a listing for COACH. And that's better and allowed?
  12. And can I please extend an invitation to the World of Louis Vuitton! We wont ban you! LOL
  13. ^^^I don't know why she didn't go to LV in the first place with that kind of money per trip.
  14. I agree! Thank you. Audrey Hepburn carried a LV Speedy, and I am proud to too! :smile:

    And who would have guessed that we would see the day that some LVs are cheaper than COACH! :smile: YAY!!!
  15. Honestly, I never knew I could afford LV until now! You guys opened up a new life for me!

    AND at least in LV, they have the respect to tell me the limit up front to my face! :smile:
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