coach consignement store?

  1. any of you ladies know any consignment store that sell coach?
  2. You just need to call your local consignment shops and ask them if they have any and beware of knock-offs, they will usually tell if it is one or not but that's just by what the person who wants to sell it says. Around here in the Twin Cities we have a couple "high-end" consignment shops and they're usually a good source if you're looking to go that way. I'd just look them up in your phone book and give them a call. Stock ALWAYS changes so call often!!!
  3. yeah i was thinking about that too because someone said that they saw the coach scarf hobo that i wanted from the first collection there..
  4. i dont want to buy.
    in fact i want to drop off my coach stuff coz i dont want them anymore.
    hm... maybe i will talk my cousin into taking them.
  5. lol i didnt even realize you could sell as well, if anyone has information on that that would be great becuase i want to sell one of my burberrys. its blue label so im hoping if i sell it here i can get some nice fundage for my next bag lol.
  6. You really need to know your stores in your area...I know that shops in Downers Grove, IL, Napeville, IL and Walnut Creek, CA do and that they are authentic....but thats because I've been too them. Plus remember...stuff in consignment shops CHANGES all the have to go check them out regularly once you find one that carries higher end items.
  7. i checked around my area. and since i live in a college town, there is no upscale consignement store.
  8. Check out She does consignment online. I have only bought from her, but she is a doll to work with!
  9. if your willing to just unload your coach stuff for free, Pm me, im intrested to know what all you have!
  10. I'm also interested in what you have. Send me a pm.