Coach - Company Wide $10 Mark Up?

  1. Has anyone heard of this or know what this is about?

    I was ordering some last minute stuff over the phone last night which included the old legacy coin purse that retailed for $88.

    I had already calculated my total before hand. When she read off the total to me, it was off. I had her read it item by item and she read the coin purse as $98.
    I was puzzled, but let it be, because she said that's what the computer shows.

    After I hung up with her, I called CS to double check. She verify $98 I told her that I remember this item only being $88 and she said yes, recently we had a $10 mark up on all old items that are still available. She couldn't say why.

    Has anyone noticed this with any old items they've ordered?

    Any SAs have information on why this may be the case?
  2. ^What!? Shouldn't they be marking down old items that are still available? That seems absolutely ridiculous to me. :sad:
  3. i kinda saw this one coming... with the higher priced bags in the new catalog... looks like they are starting to try and work on thier brand image... try to bring it to a higher bracket, KWIM?
  4. That makes more sense to me.
    I figure I'd post to 1. See if anyone can confirm that and 2. If it really is the case, give everyone a heads up.
  5. what a load of crap

    just another reason I'm annoyed with coach.
  6. I just ordered a Legacy Slim Envelope wallet at the Coach store last week and I would have swore it was $248 (before PCE) and when I looked at the receipt it says $258. I thought I was dazed and confused. Sheesh. I understand the prices going up on new merchandise but what's up with raising prices on stuff that's been there a while?
  7. BOGUS! This is why I haven't bought boutique in a long time...outlet or eBay for me! Their pricing is getting out of control :tdown:
  8. Wow! Getting to be like LV.
  9. Wow...that's crazy. If they want to work on their brand image wouldn't you think they'd start with their customer service (based on some of the recent posts about CS.)
  10. They're raising the prices and sending them to outlets?? Is it just me or is that a complete oxymoron??
  11. This is so not cool. :tdown:
  12. Hmm, i would take the catalog with me. In the catalog the legacy stripe envelope is clearly marked as 248. Hold them to it girls!
  13. What a joke :rant:
  14. Wait! This happened to me with my wristlet. The Chelsea Turnlock I just bought. I have the price tag that says $88 and they charged me $98 then gave me the PCE. Still $7.50 more! I haven't gone back to figure it out yet...but I thought I was going crazy!

    Now I know I'm not!:tdown:
  15. OMG. I didn't know it was the new stuff too!
    I thought she said just old stuff that's still available. Wow.