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  1. is updated..look at the new Kristins..very pretty
  2. alot of pretty springy things! and the pug fob is on there, i know some people were looking for it
  3. YAY!!!! I'm gonna check it out!! woot-woot
  4. I'm looking as we speak!
  5. i am torn on the chick fob, its cute, but it looks kind of easter basket to me
  6. [​IMG]

    OMG I Want this ... I think it would look so pretty on my pink signature tote:smile:
  7. ^^I just got that in the brass. Gonna have to get it in the silver too. I really like it!
  8. and since i'm going to vegas/cali in 4 weeks I think this would be a great carry on ..

  9. OH:nuts: have you posted a pic of it in brass ?
  10. ^^No, I haven't, but I can cough up a pic shortly!
  11. LOVE the new fobs! LOL I like the chic fob it's a cute rendition.. all fluff!
  12. Sweet! thanks
  13. Here's a quick pic, kinda crappy and dark, though...sorry! I got it in brass originally since Coach doesn't make that many brass fobs, and I have a ton of the nickel ones, but I think I have to have it in nickel too! Sorry it's not that clear, but it's a shiny brass.

    Attached Files:

  14. I think it's the same colored stones, but just all shiny brass logo snaps and chain, etc.
  15. Yep, I definitely want this as well, a little pricey, but o so cute!