1. You Must Have Serious Cash To Buy All 10 Items!
  2. D@MN the EVIL COACH Marketing people!!!!

    I was sitting here doing some work earning some cash for next PCE, trying to pay off last PCE, you know...minding my OWN BUSINESS and BAM! YOU GOT MAIL! I see it is from with the SUBJECT: Our Fall Must HAVES.....DAG....why OH why do they do this to me!!! LOL
  3. ohhhhh la la
  4. Out of those must haves the only ones that would be must haves for me are the following:

    4. Legacy Slim Framed Envelope Wallet
    5. Leigh Pocket flap bag
    7. Weslyn Boot
    11. Legacy striped wristlet

    Thank heavens I already own two of these items so it will not be too bad for my purse.
  5. I would love to have the Weslyn boots, but I know that they won't fit.
  6. I love the leather jacket, but I think alot of that has to do with the legacy lining. Not sure I'd be so into it if it didn't have that....
    I would also love the boots and the Leigh. Just bought the Miranda in bordeaux last night!
    I also love the Odette shoes, but I already have the Odella's which is the same shoe but in signature...
  7. Thanks for the heads up!
  8. Boy, isn't that the truth!? :amuse:
  9. I'll take the Carly Signature, Hamptons Signature Stripe Medium Carryall, and the Legacy Stripe Wristlet!

    Everything else is not really my style.