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  1. Hi Everyone! I've been a part of TPF for a while now but never really posted on the Designer Forums. I've been a COACH lurker for a while and just only recently started posting here. I do own a few items but unfortunately, my camera doesn't work but I will post what I own once I get my camera fixed.

    I'm on on a daily basis and I've seen items that I like and dislike. I'm not really into the Signature Stripe items but I do love the SIGNATURE SCARF PRINT items but I feel that spending $298 and $378 is too much for me since I have 3 kids and being on a 1 year maternity leave. I decided to go on MACY' earlier this evening (since there is no Macy's store in Toronto) and see if they had the same items as but they didn't and looking at MACY', I fell in love with 2 affordable items:the SIGNATURE SCARF PRINT Small Hobo-$198 and the SIGNATURE SCARF PRINT Swingpack-$158.

    My question for all of you COACH experts is: Are these 2 items only sold thru MACY' and MACY's stores or would I be able to purchase these items at the COACH stores in Toronto? since these items are not on and the style #'s are not on Drilldown. Would it be a good idea to call up the Toronto stores to see if they carry any of these items/ My other option if I cannot purchase any of these items is the ERGO Pebbled Leather Small Hobo in black. Your opinions and comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Here are the pictures of the Scarf Print Small Hobo & the Scarf Print Swingpack:

    Signature Scarf Print Small Hobo-Style #11733 $198
    17" strap; 8" drop; 11(L) x 6 1/2(H) x 3 3/4(W)

    Signature Scarf Print Swingback-Style #41226 $158
  2. i just got a black/white carly that is only avalible through macys so it is very possible that certin styles are only avalible through macys as well! as long as you have the style number you can call jax and order it even if it is only sold at macys
  3. Yes, most items that are sold in department stores are also available from Coach. Just get the item number and call Coach customer service and ask, most of the time they have it. Plus, that way your purchases will count on your purchase history with Coach.