1. Lovin' the following...

  2. Thanks for posting...I'm not soo crazy about those bags :sweatdrop: Which is great for my bank account but bad for me in general b/c I haven't bought anything Coach in awhile & I so want something. I'm going to stop babbling & check out the site.
  3. Lovely.
  4. I love the metallic wristlet and the stripe shoulder tote!
  5. Utoh ... I think I want this :biggrin:

  6. I like the Extra Large Soho flap but $698? Thats kind of pricey for me.
  7. omg...that is GORG! Love the metallic trim!
  8. Thankyou for letting us know, I'm sure my Hubby won't be happy about this !! Has anyone seen the Andrea Satchel, was wondering if it's heavy, looks like it's the same leather as the Legacy Shoulder ?
    Ok my wish list is growing, Love the new Soho satchels, also the Legacy Charm Medallion Bracelet is back, Woohoo :yahoo: , have to go order it right now !!
    Time to clean out my closet ...again !!
  9. The bags I like are way too pricey like the one anotheremptysky posted. Very pretty but nearly $800? Why? My wallet is safe for the moment! LOL!
  10. Also love the Legacy Satchel keychain, but it's in Nickel, won't match the hardware on my bag..:sad: I got the Ponytail hearts scarf a week ago and the Flower Patchwork Charm, also the Brass script heart Keychain( which looks Fab on the Legacy bags !!)...I need MORE !!!
  11. I wasn't a huge fan of the Carly bags until I saw this little gem this morning. This baby is as good as mine and I might be taking a trip to Coach after work tonight to get it...:angel::devil::angel::devil:

  12. ^oh my I didn't even see's gorgeous!

  13. This one is cute. I think you should get it.:devil:
  14. wow...I missed that carly demi too.

    Now, I haven't been a carly fan at all...but this is super cute I think! (yeah, i like siggy print)

  15. I'm not a huge fan of anything that came out. That makes me sad.
    At least it'll be good for my wallet since I'm trying to buy a new car!