1. Happy browsing...
    Anyone need a $7000 Ostrich Lily?! Holy Smokes!
  2. Where is this ostrich lily?
  3. some of these things are tdf! m loving the new wallets (which i definetly dont need)
  4. I'm liking the vintage ergo magazine tote, but I'm done buying purses for the year, so I suppose I'll be scouting it out on eBay come January!

    The ergo prices have really gone up too, the small tote is $70 more than before, just with the addition of a new bit of hardware?
  5. favorite words in the world " updated"!!

    I'm LOVIN' the belted ergo leather hobo!~

    And the noel ballet flats! too cute! would LOVE a pair in brown!
  6. m i the only one who feels the belted hobo looks a bit like gucci,s look?
  7. you see what I miss when i go outside before checking TPF!!! I was on the coach website around 1am and it hadn't change yet. well now i must make a mental note to check TPF or coach website before leaving the house. I wish that PCE would hurry up and get here. I've got things to buy! PURSES AND WALLETS AND WRISTLETS OHH MY!!!:love:
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Wow - LOVE these boots with the Legacy stripe!


    Love the belted Ergo, too -- just wish it came in something other than Khaki...

    And I see the patent leather apple keyfobs are back, too! Gold and red...
  10. I've been waiting for the Babs flats ever since that last catalog came out - glad to see they're available sooner than September!
  11. Now that there is an ostrich version of Lily, maybe all the celebreties will buy that version and leave the leather for us!!!
  12. I want the cashmere muffle in the stripe pattern. I think it's really cool. I'm holding out for my gallery tote in patent.