Updated for November!

  1. I was sooo fixing to post that! LOL
  2. I looked at the legacy boutique stuff and got a little excited!
  3. Love the new mini skinnies! I'm going to have to go pick up a pink one!
  4. The C charm is showing up now!


    But looks we have to wait on some of the other bags!
  5. You were "fixing to"??? You sure you're from New York? I thought that was exclusively an Okie thing to say. I have never heard it anywhere else! :p :lol:
  6. I was really hoping the Bleecker shopper would come in chocolate sig since its currently on the Japanese website. No luck! I guess JAX was right....the U.S. isn't getting the shopper in this color. :tdown:
  7. I was hoping the swingpack I found on the japans website was gonna show up too.. But no such luck.. T_T
  8. I'm going for the Thompson in Ink - I love the new Coach circle charm on the bag, and I want the matching wallet too!
  9. I called Coach and the Bleeker Shopper in the Chocolate Signature will be available
    to order during the second week of November. The style number is 11435.
  10. oh my gosh, Liz. You are too kind!:shame: Thank you for calling! I just called a little over a week ago and they told me it was not going to be available but I was still crossing my fingers it would show up online today. THANK YOU! :tup::flowers:
  11. I really like this [​IMG] :love:

    I noticed that the peony totes are on the Japan site, but not the US site... are they for japan only?
  12. OMG at some of those prices. There are three bags listed that are $10,000, $20,000 and $30,000. That's a car! *falls over in shock*