Survey Opportunity

  1. Everytime I've gone to this morning I've gotten a pop-up requesting me to fill out a survey. :tup:

    So if you're interested in sharing your thoughts with Coach, go to the website this morning and fill one out.

    Just FYI...... :okay:
  2. cool. i'm on the site and no pop-ups tho. too bad
  3. I went to the site and didn't get the survey to pop-up. Double checked to make sure my pop-up blocker was off and also checked for 'survey' in the search...:oh:
  4. Cool! I just went through internet explorer, for some reason firefox isn't letting pop ups through today. nice survey though, looks like they might be implementing some new features soon!
  5. I just did it. When asked what else would I like Coach to offer for customers, I put:

    A look at upcoming styles for preferred customers before they hit Coach stores or the website and the chance to order them first.

    I think this will help us get what we want ladies! :yahoo:
  6. did it! thanks for the tip!
  7. Yes, I filled it out too. It's nice to be asked our opinion once in a while!! :tup:
  8. I got the survey request this morning, too, and filled it out. I bet my comments are the longest they'll get! :p I had a LOT to say!
  9. I went to the website and no survey came up.:shrugs:
  10. You should probably refresh it a few times.
  11. I got it the first time I visited today but was so caught up in something else I just went ahead clicking...
  12. I refreshed a couple of times and it came up. I was excited about the questions regarding a customer loyalty program..that would be awesome!!
  13. I put that in there too. I also suggested a frequent buyers club kind of like Barnes and Noble. Maybe pay a small fee up front and then get a percentage off of each purchase (maybe 5 or 10%)?
  14. I got "popped" :balloon: and gave them an ear full!
  15. I just filled it out. Thanks.