Shipping vs. Boutique


chocolate bag addict
Jul 25, 2008
I really want to get the small Madison wallet in melon, but my boutique does not show them in stock for store pickup. If I go in to the boutique to order the wallet, do you know if I will I still get charged for shipping? The Coach site shows me that shipping for the wallet and a key fob I'd like to get would be $16, which is a little ridiculous! :wtf:


Dec 28, 2007
Sunny Arizona
If you order through boutique, they won't charge you shipping :smile:
What she said! I ordered a key fob directly from JAX and couldn't believe the price of shipping (something like $14.00!!!!). Unfortunately, I was stupid and impatient and still ordered it. Then, when I went to the boutique and had them order something for me, there was no charge for the shipping. Now that I've built a good relationship with my SA, she'll have my order sent via 2 day shipping for no charge. LOVE HER!!


Jul 21, 2008
North Texas
If I want to special order something (or just order it) I go to the boutique near me. They usually ship it free , and if they don't, it is always free to ship it to the store to pick up later.
Sometimes Coach will have the free shipping specials when they release the new items on the website, but not always.
I hate paying for shipping because the taxes are bad enough!!


Rock n Roll 'Ho
Mar 25, 2008
I have always received free shipping whever an item I wanted is not currently in stock at the boutique.

I think that Coach realizes that if they charged shipping on an item that they do not have readily available and should, most customers would say forget it and they would lose the sale.

The prices that they charge for shipping on is outrageous!
It is far better to go to the boutique directly and order through them to avoid those shipping charges.
(I feel sorry for those that do not have a location nearby to be able to do so. That is a double whammy! )


Jun 6, 2007
If you want to order from, call their Customer Service Dept. first. I wanted to order a pair of Coach flats that were currently on sale for $79 but my local boutique didn't have them in my size. If the boutique ordered the sale shoes for me, they'd have to charge me a $10 shipping fee (sale shoe policy that went into effect last summer). The Coach Customer Service Rep. that I spoke with was kind enough to reduce the shipping cost of the flats down to only $4 for me and I received the flats within 3 - 4 business days. I really hate the fact that Coach now charges a $10 shipping fee if you order a pair of sale shoes directly from the Coach store.