Shipping Issue


Jan 20, 2010
I used my PCE to order a few things from the Coach website on 11/30. Got a shipping notification on 12/1. However the tracking number refused to work until today, the day I got a package. It kept telling me there was no info available. The problem is I only got two of the 4 items I ordered. The other two have "in the warehouse" as their status. I'm rather annoyed that Coach didn't bother to tell me they were only shipping part of my order. Anyone else ever have this happen? My items show as in stock so I don't know why they only shipped part of my order.

BTW, I did finally get a shipping notification from the Factory Store and my package should be here on Tuesday!


Aug 16, 2009
I would definitely call them and see what the deal is. I think Coach is having issues with shipping because I placed an order for 2 items on 11/30, and my items are still "In the warehouse." They are extremely slow lately. Maybe they are bombarded with PCE orders.

Maybe your 2 items that didn't ship are going to be shipped from a store. I've had that happen before. If that's the case, you should still get a separate shipment confirmation email.


Jul 29, 2010
Metro Detroit, Michigan
I had the same issue last time I placed an order. I got a shipping notification, but when I received my box from FedEx it only had two of the four items I had ordered in it. The remaining stuff came the next day, but I was irritated too that they didn't inform me that it had shipped in more than one shipment.